The Coalition

The coalition is comprised of hospitals, EMS, emergency management organizations, public health, long-term care facilities, jurisdictional partners, local public safety agencies, outpatient health care delivery, schools and universities, non-governmental organizations, many other organizations.


The Northeast Texas Preparedness Coalition consists of many agencies and organizations with a stake in responding to community, health, or medical needs during local disasters. We value active participation, transparent decision-making, mutual assistance, and fairness in allocation of resources, knowing that strong working relationships and a common vision are at the heart of a community’s successful disaster response and recovery.
To reduce the burden of illness, injury and loss of life in the event of an emergency or disaster through coordinated emergency preparedness and response.
Within the parameters of statutory requirements and jurisdictional Emergency Operations plans, and as outlined in operational support compacts, mutual aid agreements, memoranda of understanding or other operational agreements, the Coalition will support public health and medical response and recovery to include, but not limited to:
  • Provide regional coordination of planning, training and exercising for metro health and medical entities; Provide health and medical situational information to support a regionally coordinated response;
  • Facilitate health and medical resource sharing through multi-agency coordination;
  • Address the appropriate capability targets as defined by Emergency Management, Public Health and Healthcare.
The Northeast Texas Preparedness Coalition has no specific legal authority. Each entity represented has discipline specific authority and will integrate that authority to coordination and leverage planning and response. The Northeast Texas Preparedness Coalition was created to serve the counties of Bowie, Cass, Delta, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River, and Titus in Texas. However, we maintain partnerships with surrounding counties and states and will support their efforts in their jurisdictions as well.